Wedding Themes. Westone Manor offers Endless Possibilities.

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Westone Manor is one of the venues that is sought after as a wedding destination for couples choosing to get married. Not only the wedding packages are designed to give choices and to meet the individual budget but it also stands out from the rest as it equally offers the opportunity for endless choices for wedding themes with an exotic feel.

Westone Manor Hotel Northampton

It is not surprising, most of the couples have already envisioned about their dream weddings long before viewing a venue but often not exactly too sure about choosing a suitable theme to suit their personalities. But once the couples get the first impression as they walk in, the confusion and the uncertainty are dissipated and instantly realize that the venue lends itself for a tropical theme and four seasons. The feel of a tropical garden is one of the top option for this theme but perhaps without the sea and the beach. After all, one does not need a beach to pull off a beautiful tropical-inspired wedding. One can easily incorporate a tropical vibe with a beachy cocktail and can easily be mistaken of tropical wedding feel with exotic Palm trees, even during off-season, possibilities are endless.

However daunting and challenging it may sound, the brides choice for wedding themes have to be right to reflect their personalities, as one has to be true to oneself. The theme really reflects the couple’s character and personality.  The colours and the themes for the wedding truly represent their personalities as no two couples have the similar taste. Therefore, it is not uncommon for couples to customise the themes to their preferences and personalities. On the other hand, it is quite common for couples of eastern origin to combine east and west themes. The modern day couples often combine multiple traditions, sensibilities and their own personal style and like paying tribute to families multi-cultural heritage by simply injecting a dose of tradition to the celebration but not necessarily making dull and long winded affairs.

Couples consider all possibilities when selecting the theme, beside their personalities, it largely depends on the time of the year.  Different seasons offer different atmosphere and natural colours. But here at Westone Manor there are endless themes that work for spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Garden theme– Our lush garden with evergreen Palm trees offers plenty of inspiration for all the four seasons. It is the perfect backdrop for all seasons.

Summer Barbecue theme – Our garden with its own barbecue shelter with sitting spaces in excess of 100, is the perfect setting for hosting a summer barbecue wedding.

Whether you want to honour your heritages with muli-cultural ethos or simply want a traditional wedding, Westone Manor is the place for you.

 Afterall, it is your wedding, so play by your own Tradition and Rules.