The Manor Club

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The Manor Club

The  Manor Club

Our story is one of vision and commitment that began with the founding members a decade after The Manor House opened its doors as a hotel in 1953. Clubs being few and far between, memberships were reserved only to the affluent groups which led  to a breakaway to form out of shoe manufacturing industries. One such group took it upon themselves to create a new gentleman social club in the 60’s and this is how The Manor Club was born. However, by the turn of the century despite members having embraced and influenced life at the club,  regrettably  due to economic downturn, dwindling  membership  the club  was forced to cease its activities.

With evolution of time, 21st century has witnessed many single-sex clubs opening to both sexes as guests and as members. Having created a legacy for tomorrow by our founding members, we the new generation would like to build upon a rich heritage and developing traditions to be shared by the new members as their children and grandchildren.

The revival of ‘The Manor Club’ within Westone Manor Hotel is not  reserved just for the elite few but also to  members of both sexes  over 21 and to  all strata of the community within Northampton is most welcome.

The Manor Club is the perfect backdrop for occasions such as : Anniversary, birthday celebrations, corporate and social meetings, private parties fundraising galas, wedding and much more. We have many event spaces that can be customised to  accommodate special occasions, corporate meetings, or intimate dinner parties. Whether your occasion is a cosy gathering of four, a large meeting, or a magnificent celebration with 150 guests, we can easily find the right space for you as we have abundance of private rooms. Being a Club Member you will benefit from a 10% discount from your booking. Our executive Chef along with his dedicated team will ensure your event transpires seamlessly and your menus can be customised to suit any occasion.

During  warmer days you will glimpse a bustling grill in our purposed built BBQ shelter where friends meet to catch up or where new business connections are made. As evening draws in, select a table where you can unwind from the day, gather with friends, indulge in excellent BBQ or restaurant menu  and enjoy a wonderful service and being a member you are entitled to 10% off the menu price.

Memberships are free and  benefits include:

Members and their guests benefit from 10% on all the Bookings except for Drinks

  • Dining facilities open for breakfast, lunch and dinner -10% discount
  • Private dining and meeting rooms subject to availability
  • In house catering services
  • Complimentary internet access
  • Guest rooms for you or your guests overnight accommodation- You will save 10% by booking direct.
  • Tickets for live shows reduced by 10%
  • Christmas day lunch reduced by 10%
  • Party bookings, conferences, Birthday etc- 10% discount
  • The Manor BBQ

Membership is reserved only to people  living in the Host Community, aged 21 & over Subject to Terms & Conditions.

The Hotel Management strongly feels that the hotel is in the community for the community and would like to play an integral  part of the community by co-existing in harmony side by side for the mutual benefits. The door is always open to welcome everybody  but by being a member it entitles you a discount of 10% whether you want a quick bite, a quiet dinner or Week End BBQ or a celebratory meal. The Manor can provide the ideal  relaxing setting

Please fill out the Request Membership information form to receive membership information. You may also contact the Event Team on 01604 739955.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you and your family & friends to The Manor Club and together we will Build Tomorrow’s Traditions and pick up  where our ancestors left.

The Management 2019

Westone  Manor Hotel

The Manor Club

Dear Prospective Member,

Westone Manor Hotel is reviving ‘THE DEFUNCT MANOR  CLUB’  which was single sex gentleman club and closed in the late 90’s. It has re-opened as ‘The Manor Club’  for both sexes to over 21 to everybody living in Northampton ONLY. We would like to extend a warm invitation on behalf of our members and staff to experience the private club lifestyle by joining us. Membership is free with an array of opportunities and benefits.

The Manor Club is for all. The Manor Club is every Friday evening from 7pm to 11pm  and  is solely dedicated to the members of both sexes. Members are most welcome to drop in any evening to benefit from our generous discount.

Admission is free.  

The aims and objectives of ‘The Manor Club’ are to afford its members the benefits to enjoy what the club has to offer at 10% discount as follows:

  • Live shows Tickets
  • All direct booking for accommodation
  • All Party bookings  including family members
  • All Food  throughout the year and including Christmas lunch
  • All BBQ food
  • All meeting rooms/Conferences

Beside, the economical benefits, time spent at the club reveals an environment rich in diversity, full of personal enrichment opportunities, with social and business interactions. It is also where you can develop lifelong friendships.

We invite you to join the ‘The Manor Club’. Register for free membership at the door or on line.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you and your family.

The Manor Club

Membership is open to all person of both sexes over 21 living in Northamptonshire. Membership gives you access to a range of exclusive benefits the second you join the club.

Join us to-day & take advantage of all the benefits right away.

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