Discover the allure of Eastern cuisine in our Spice Garden, a specialist Indian Restaurant. Our in-house chefs have years of experience cooking authentic Indian dishes, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our extensive selection of aromatic curries, marinated meats and delectable vegetable dishes. The combination of exotic ingredients and tongue-tingling spices makes Indian cuisine one of the most exciting choices for your evening meal. With some of the finest curries being made with chickpeas, aubergines and other delicious alternatives to meat, Indian food is one of the most vegetarian friendly cuisines, so everyone can enjoy their dining experience together.

Spice Garden

Join us at the Westone Manor Hotel, our Spice Garden restaurant is open from 5-11pm Monday-Saturday and 12-4pm on Sundays. Book your table now by calling us on 01604 739955 or email enquiries@hotels-northampton

                                                                                       our talented chefs

To make a booking, please call 01604 739955 or email